It's sometimes hard for me to decide what I should include, as my triggers may be different from yours, but here are the basics for each series. They may not apply to all books in the series, but will apply to at least one.
Please note: None of these topics discussed are framed in a positive light, and I try my hardest to give each serious topic mentioned in my books the care they deserve.



Abduction(on page), anxiety(on page), blood(on page), car accident(on page), child abuse(mentioned), child death(on page), childbirth(on page), death(on page), depression(on page), drugs(on page), opioid addiction(on page), fire(on page), hallucinations(drug induced-on page), hospitalization(vague-on page), kidnapping(on page), murder(on page), needles(on page), occult(on page), pregnancy(on page), PTSD(on page), sexual assault(NOT on page - we know it occurred, but it is now shown), starvation(on page),  sex(on page), suicide/suicidal ideation(mentioned), and torture(on page).

Kinks: exhibitionism, breeding.



Abduction(on page), anxiety(on page), attempted murder(on page), murder(on page), attempted rape(on page), blood(on page), bones(on page), death(on page), depression(on page), divorce(discussed, though all is amicable), drugs(on page), fire(on page), hospitalization(mentioned), terminal illness(mentioned) murder(on page), occult(on page), PTSD(on page), skeletons(on page), suicide(mentioned), torture(on page), and violence(on page).

Kinks: light BDSM.



Abduction(discussed, happened in the past), alcoholism(discussed), anxiety(on page), attempted murder(on page), blood(on page), childbirth(on page), death(on page), drugs(on page), fire(on page), hospitalization(vague-on page), needles(on page), occult(on page), opioid addiction/IV use(on page), pregnancy(on page), PTSD(on page), suicide(discussed, happened in the past), and violence(on page).

Kinks: exhbitionism, breeding.



Abusive relationship(on page), alcoholism(on page), animal death(on page), anxiety(on page), attempted murder(on page), blood(on page), bugs(on page), cheating(on page), child abuse(NOT on page), childbirth(on page), death(on page), decapitation(on page), depression(on page), drugs(on page-used medicinally), emotional abuse(on page), fire(on page), genocide(on page-against fictional creatures, evil warlord attempting to kill an entire world), infertility(on page), miscarriage(on page), misogyny(on page), murder(on page), occult(on page), pregnancy(on page), prostitution(mentioned), PTSD(on page), sexism(on page), child sexual abuse(mentioned - NOT on page), sexual assault(attempted), slut shaming(on page), sex(on page), suicidal ideation(on page), terrorism(on page), violence(on page), war(on page).

Kinks: exhibitionism, breeding.

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This series contains scenes that may depict, mention, or discuss: violence (on page), attempted murder (on page), blood (on page), sex work (on page) death (mentioned and on page), ritual human sacrifice (on page), fire (on page), hallucinations/psychic visions (on page), skeletons, occult, anxiety, PTSD, homophobia (mentioned vaguely), abusive relationship (mentioned—no details), SA/childhood SA (mentioned—no details or flashbacks), and terminal illness(mentioned—no details or flashbacks).

Kinks: breath play, blood play, vampirism, exhibitionism, voyeurism, bondage, CNC, and other types of BDSM. 

Please know, I write kink the same way it should be practiced in real life; safely. Consent is a huge theme. Although CNC is practiced, it is not non-conLike CNC can be practiced safely in the real world, it is handled the same way in my books. My characters utilize safe words and safe signals. 

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Abduction(on page), attempted murder(on page), blood(on page), death(on page), drugs(mentioned), hospitalization(vague-on page), prostitution(mentioned), sexual harassment(on page), terminal illness(mentioned-Lupus), violence(on page).

Kinks: exhbitionism, vampirism, and other forms of BDSM.