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I have a LOT of books, so I figured organizing them by series was the best way to showcase them! Recommended reading order is listed under FAQ, but here are the links to book 1 in each of my series!

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What happens when night collides with day?

Laila's a bubbly waitress at a small-town diner. Jeremy's a rogue supernatural hunter with a dark past.

When they meet, sparks don't just fly but catch aflame. Her sunshine merges with his dark sky, and it's as though the rest of the world disappears.

But he can't rope a human girl into his dangerous life. No matter how much he wants her, no matter how much she wants him, he can't risk her life.

Except... Maybe she isn't the defenseless little flower he thought she was.

This book is a prequel to the Eluding Destiny Series. There are nine books after this, as well as spin offs and several continuation series. This is not a standalone novel.

Intended only for mature readers.

Charlie highly recommends reading this book before any of her others.



Fae marry for love. Angels marry for politics.

Véa has dreamed of becoming queen of the fae since she was a girl. But once she finally takes her throne, and her world is under attack by ruthless soul eaters, she's forced to watch it burn or marry a man she hates—Lux, king of Angels.

Nix is the half elvan, half angel bastard prince of both the elvan nation and the land of the angels. When he takes his place as hand of the king beneath his brother, it becomes his duty to guard the new queen, Véa.

Will Véa assimilate into a world where women are traded like cattle, or will she steal Lux's world out from under him with his brother at her side?

If you liked Game of Thrones and From Blood and Ash, you'll love the sexy, magical world of Origins of the Gods.

Intended only for mature audiences.

◆This series can be read on its own but is a distant prequel series to the urban fantasy Eluding Destiny series. (As in, thousands of years in the past.)◆

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Everyone has skeletons in their closet, but Rain's are learning to open the door.

Rain's lost everything in the last decade. Her grandmother, her brother, and her family home might be next. All she has is Graham - a powerful Fae who illegally escaped the Fae Realm and has been her best friend ever since.

Until Ezra - the sexiest Vampire she's ever seen - commissions her for one hell of a job. Cleansing dozens of vengeful spirits from an abandoned mansion for a life changing amount of money.

All Rain wants is to focus on her budding relationship with Ezra, but the ghosts in the mansion have awoken the ones Rain has spent a decade trying to keep locked up.

But Rain isn't the only one with secrets. Ezra has a few of his own.

This is an MMFM paranormal romance reverse harem. Rain has 3 hotter than hell love interests, and she does not choose between them.

Raven's Cry is set in the same world as Charlie's other series, Eluding Destiny, The Arcane Gods, and Celena's Story. It follows the lore established in the Origins of the Gods series as well. But you do not need to read any of those to understand this series.

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A one night stand was never supposed to unlock an ancient myth.

Brooke is a retired supernatural hunter - now a peace loving librarian, ignoring her paranormal roots. Declan is the owner of Spades - a biker bar known for its otherworldly clientele.

When Brooke gets roped into one last case, she ends up at Spades. But the job goes out the window after a couple drinks with Declan.


One day later, Brooke can feel Declan's pain, and he can hear her thoughts... without trying.

Somehow, Brooke and Declan are now bound on a sensual, almost spiritual level.

But it was only supposed to be a one night stand. Are they bound together forever?

New Normal new cover.jpg


If she knew what she was, none of it would have happened.

After the death of her older sister and the subsequent divorce of her parents, Celena moves from New York City to her mom's hometown outside of Wheeling, West Virginia. Since Kayden died, all she's wanted to do is start over.

Seems easy enough. Move to a new town where no one knows your story and write a new one.

But the moment they lay eyes on her, the story starts to write itself.

Celena doesn't know what she is, but they can smell it all over her. If she were just another human, one of the most powerful alphas on the east coast wouldn't have demanded she be turned and indicted into his pack.

She didn't have a choice about being bitten. But she'll be damned before anyone forces her into submission.

This book overlaps with Eluding Destiny but can be read on its own. See FAQ for chronological reading order.

If you need to get ahold of me, please reach out at:

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