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Signed Paperbacks

So here's the thing

I used to ship signed paperbacks on an order by order basis. In 2022, I realized this wasn't sustainable for me. Chronic pain makes it hard to type some days, let alone sign books, package books, and carry dozens of them to the post office. It wasn't so bad when my reader base was smaller, but it's just not feasible anymore.

After seeing what some other authors were doing, I landed on a new option for selling signed copies. They'll be shipped twice a year (in May and October) for my readers who want them.


Here's how it works.

  • If you want signed paperbacks, fill out the form below.

  • Two months prior to shipment, I'll get in touch via email to confirm your order.

  • If you live outside the U.S., I will ask if you want to pay for shipping of a hard copy or if you would like a signed bookplate instead. 

  • In this email, there will be a link to submit your payment.

  • Once I have the totals in, I will order the books from the distributor.

  • They take roughly a month to arrive.

  • I'll sign and ship them.

  • You'll receive a tracking number via email.

It's a lengthy process, but it's the only solution I can think of so readers who want signed copies can get them.

Thanks for your understanding,


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